As one of the world's largest independent third-party ship management companies, with over 20,000 qualified seafarers and more than 450 vessels under our management, Levant Fleet manages a range of vessels including bulk carriers, container vessels, car carriers, oil tankers, gas carriers, and chemical tankers, ranging from 300 to 319,000 DWT - with many being young and energy-efficient with an age profile below the industry average.

Bulk Carriers

We manage a proud fleet of over 210 bulk carriers for some of the most reputable owners in the world ranging from Handy Size to Panamax to Capesize and VLOC vessels. Regardless of age, size or weight, the performance of our fleet is constantly optimized to the highest standards globally and is comparable to the best in the world.

Bulk Carriers are perhaps the most vulnerable among the all the vessels in the world's merchant fleet by the nature of their design, cargoes carried and trading patterns sailed. Knowing the full details and measures of each of our carriers, our team of experienced Masters and Senior Officers place particular emphasis on safety to ensure the structural integrity of a ship remains consistent.

Additionally, our shore based Dry Cargo Operations Division oversees the cargo operation in an inclusive "360" process - from the moment the cargo is preloaded, in transit, and to the time that it is safely discharged. We ensure the cargo arrives in the best and safest condition.

Our expertise in the division ranges from handling basic bulk - raw materials, heavy goods, to sensitive cargo - fresh food and all kinds of time-temperature sensitive matters.

As a key team within Levant Fleet, the Dry Cargo Operations Division not only play a critical role in consulting operational guidelines to be taken prior/after loading, such as arrangement of stowage and voyage, handling of short-landing, maintenance of heavy-lifting, and assessment of cargo out-turns, but also take care of administrative tasks for owners and their vessels, such as reviewing and managing the Mate's receipt, Bills of Lading, etc.

Container Vessels

We manage over 45 Container Vessels, ranging from 1100 TEU to state of the art 20,182 TEU, including 7 ULCV with an average age much below the global average, and a total dead-weight tonnage over 2,760,280. 

At Levant Fleet, we realize the enormous pressure of owners, operators and stakeholders face to ensure timely arrivals and departures of these specialized ships. In addition to the robust processes we have in place, we have tailor made courses that our crew undergoes to ensure safe sailings. These include simulator courses for these navigational officers and special modules for Electrical officers on Reefer container maintenance.

On shore monitoring by our Dry Cargo Operations Division on matters such as stability, stowage plans, lashing with a special focus on DG, OOG, and Reefer containers provides an additional layer of security.

This along with our distinctive technical management ensures that no time is lost to maintenance or unplanned off-hires - all in an effort to increase the earning potential of a vessel.

Crew Management

Geared to providing a client-driven service, we recognize the need to lead a crew who understands fully the demands of ship owners; therefore we make sure our crew maintains a consistent state of awareness and professionalism.

As seafarers ourselves, we understand being out at sea is not an easy task, and can be physically and mentally daunting at times. This is why we persistently train, practice, measure, and evaluate our crew so that they make the best and toughest decisions, even in the most constrained and stressful situation.

Our crew management offers a comprehensive range of manpower services such as recruitment, training, and ratings for our different vessel types - all managed by an extensive network of 13 in-house experienced recruitment offices spread across the countries, which includes India, Philippines, Ukraine and Turkey - countries that are also the primary manning sources for the world's merchant fleet.

As one of the world's leading ship management companies, we need to continually innovate to stay ahead of the curve. And not just innovating our ships, but also exploring new and effective ways of crew management - a result that is perhaps most prominently reflected in our state-of-the-art crewing module. 

Stored within the PARIS solution, profiles of all our 20,000 seafarers are readily available to users. Locating a good fit between available skill sets and special needs of a ship has never been made easier.

Fleet Management Training Institute (FMTI)

We believe a good quality crew is the backbone of success and hence our eight offices in India, one in Philippines and one in China are dedicated for providing in house crewing support to our fleet together with a state-of-the-art Fleet Management Training Institute in Mumbai, India.

Founded in 1997, FMTI is a DNV-certified and officially approved maritime training centre. FMTI courses comply with the requirements of the STCW 95 Convention and the guidelines of Directorate General of Shipping, India.

In addition to the internationally renowned TOLAS (Training on Land and Sea), a web-based training system specially developed by FMTI, we employ the most technologically advanced simulators (180 degree full-mission Bridge Simulators) and audio visual aids (DGS approved), which are also backed up by real-life demonstrations and lectures, to provide seamless and fully integrated ship-to-shore training for every seafarers - a feat that no other institutes have previously attained.

Currently, our TOLAS Centers are set up throughout our manning centers in India, China, Philippines and Eastern Europe. Together, we are determined to meet the rapid and global growth of our crew and our fleet.



Technical reliability and cost-effective purchasing are the foundation of Fleet Management's growth in size and scale.

At Fleet we do not believe in making short-term gains on cost that would have long-term consequences for the vessels. For cost effective management, Fleet reviews the major expense head and then works towards making them cost effective. Lube Oils is one such major expense head, where Fleet in partnership with leading lube oil suppliers provides competitive cost with top line products to vessels under management. Similarly for spares and other services, Fleet Management leverages its volume to negotiate good terms with manufacturers and is able to supply original spares at very competitive costs.

Furthermore, as nearly 30 % of the total cost goes in connecting spares and services to the vessel Fleet has global agreements with premium logistic companies globally. This allows Fleet to efficiently consolidate the supplies in warehouses, negotiate competitive transportation costs globally.

Ship management is a nuts and bolts business where continuous monitoring is key to cost efficiency and reliability. Monitoring gives signals, and our proprietary software solutions drive the company's monitoring capability. For example, PARIS reveals how performance matches up to expectations. The data captured assists in indicating how additional redundancy can help to prevent breakdowns or whether extra spares need to be carried. PARIS helps us to anticipate problems - if you see it before it happens, it won't happen.



To provide a one-stop solution, Fleet Management is complemented and supported by Caravel Shipping, which specializes in providing commercial and chartering services for the transport of dry bulk cargo to vessel owners and cargo sources globally.

The scale, experience and expertise of Caravel Shipping places them among the world's leading dry bulk operators. The business is focused on all major segments of the dry bulk sector; whereby through agility and pre-emptive timing they are able to offer our clients enhanced flexibility and greater value add.

Caravel Shipping has the expertise to manage all kinds of dry bulk cargoes at competitive rates. Cargoes, are matched and carried on vessels that are operated through a diversified network across the globe. This system enhances the flexibility, enabling us to reschedule and align with shipment periods around the world. We are, therefore, able to provide more competitive freight rates for our clients, while maintaining our high level of performance and reliability.

Furthermore, the combination of Fleet Management and Caravel Shipping seamlessly manages all pre and post-fixture operations, affording clients the latitude to focus on their core areas with the knowledge that their logistics requirements are being handled professionally. Our team includes an experienced network of Port Captains and agents who are available to provide workable economic solutions to support the needs of our clients at every port, not only while our vessels are in port, but even well after they have sailed.

Once our vessels have sailed, our experienced team will continue to make close inspections of all areas - including and not limited to dispatch calculations, voyage reporting, and supply of marine fuels. As such, we make sure our first-class services are consistently and seamlessly matched and carried on vessels that we operate across the globe. 

We believe that the unique combination of Fleet Management and Caravel Shipping is distinctive in the industry, and further solidifies us as partner of choice for both Technical and Commercial management services for many dry cargo owners globally.