A cleaner marine environment

We are passionate about and deeply committed to environmental sustainability. We truly believe that each one of us needs to be aware of and play a part in looking after the environment from which we personally, and as a business, draw sustenance.

Our goal is to work towards a cleaner marine environment, by serving as a role model within our sphere of influence, balancing our profitability and ambitions as a company whilst pursuing an aggressively dynamic environmental policy.

A SafeR Workplace

Safety doesn't happen by accident. It follows a process that begins with understanding how accidents happen, and working to find the causes. And in our experience, most accidents happen not because safety policies and procedures are not in place but because some people lack an appreciation of safety itself.

Against this backdrop Fleet launched the award winning SafeR+ program in April 2010 to help seafarers internalize the importance of Communication, Teamwork and Risk Assessment with a clear goal to reduce crew injuries by 50%. Motivating every seafarer to take personal accountability for doing things better today than yesterday through 4 Hour experiential workshops, daily on-board team talks and 10 minute colleague observations of safe/unsafe behavior and by catching people doing things right.

Since launch the program has been twice reinvigorated - in 2012 and then again in 2014 - and has since inception helped reduce crew injuries by 70% while increasing near miss reports by 550%. An unanticipated bonus has been that the company's bulk carriers are now being operated at the same levels of safety as tankers, one company with one safety culture throughout.

Zero incident, zero spill, and zero-tolerance

In accordance with all applicable quality, safety and environmental standards, we firmly support environmental requirements established under International, Flag State, Port State and Coastal State Laws, and most particularly the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), believing that the first line of defense against pollution is to avoid accidents from occurring.

We aim at achieving zero incidents, zero spills, and we implement a zero-tolerance approach to any non-compliance and violations with this policy and extend all cooperation to authorities in the rare circumstances of this occurring.

Pollution prevention

One of the crucial functions of Levant Fleet is to provide ship owners safe ship operations and pollution prevention services.

A great deal of emphasis and funding is therefore given to our qualified (STCW Convention) and efficient crew - both on board and ashore - who holds chief responsibility and pays full attention to the maintenance of our systems, equipment, and components found in machinery spaces of vessels.

Energy Conservation

We understand a proper management of an organization's energy, natural resources and waste has a substantial effect on its environmental performance.

Therefore, we strongly support numerous environmental initiatives to address the global problem of depleting natural resources and its impact on the environment. Moreover, as a highly sustainable group, we are committed to investing resources in carbon offsetting and creating sustainable resources, thus reducing environment risks caused to the Earth.

Enviromental Objectives

As a ship management company with a global footprint, we understand the environment at large is most susceptible to our daily operations. It is therefore important to manage environmental risks through preventions and measures. For this to be feasible, each one of us must assume his/her share of responsibility.

That's why in 2015 and beyond, we review periodically and integrate an overall environmental goal into our company-wide strategy, arising from the environmental objectives, that our organization sets itself to achieve.